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Best websites for news stories

The internet is the best way for getting news today. It has replaced traditional media for several reasons. First of all, the internet is probably the fastest way that we can get information. We can get news from the internet in real time. There is no delay to it. So if you would like to get the latest happenings online, then here are some of the best news website that you ought to try.


This would be an obvious choice for this list. The website of CNN is frequently updated with the latest happenings from around the world and it has the backing of the numerous reporters that the network has all over the globe. You can also search the archives of the site for past news stories.

CBS News

CBS is one of the major networks in the United States and its website is a major source for news and events.  Because it has the backing of a large network, you can be sure that it has all the major news events all over the world. The site also an email service, so you can get the latest news delievered through your email.



Reuters is a new service with a very long history. Its website is an excellent source for news of any nature on any part of the world. If what you want is straight news reporting then this is an excellent website for you to keep yourself updated.

BBC News Online

The British Broadcasting Corporation has a long and illustrious history of bringing the best not just in news reporting but in broadcasting in general. It carries that same mark when it comes to its online news service. Its website is constantly updated with the latest news from around the world.

The Huffington Post

This site collects news items from several sources and also publishes opinion articles. It covers all of the current events as well as the trending topics online. It has grown in influence in the past few years and now features several influential thinkers and writers. It has even won a Pulitzer Prize.

The Associated Press

The Associated Press is a news agency that has thousands of freelance correspondents from all over the world. Newspapers everywhere pay to get its stories published on their pages. It is a good choice for you to keep yourself updated with what’s happening in different parts of the world.


News videographer tips

News videography is a combination of technique and innate talent. Sometimes you might have to interview people or “talking heads”, but for the most part you would have to shoot on the go. That means you will be shooting events as they are taking place. Here are some tips for news videography from Oneflare that might help you out:

Go Steady

As much as possible keep the camera steady. There are times when moving and shaky shots would be okay but if all your shots are like that then it could be a problem. Use a tripod if you have to and if your hands are shaking all the time then you might have to someone else to hold the camera.

Multiple Angles

If you are covering an event and you have the opportunity to do so, you should try to get shots of different angles. You should take a shot on top of a building, down on the street level and shots of close-ups of the faces of the people. That would give you plenty of options when you are starting to edit the video.

Interview and the Background

When you are interviewing someone, make sure that you notice what you have on the background. Is there something there that you don’t want appearing in the video? The best type of background is something that would support the story that you have. If it has some relevance to your story then that is the best.

Good Lighting

The rules for lighting in videography are the same in photography. You have to make sure that your subject is always well-lit but not over lit. Do not put a person that you are interviewing with their back to the sun for example or place them under a shady tree while sun is glaring all around you. That would not look good.

Learn How to Anticipate if There is Action

Some people might consider this to be a talent, but you should learn how to anticipate if there is any action that might come up. You should know when something will come up and you should learn how to ready yourself how to take shots of that happening. When you learn how to do that then you can be a good news videographer.

There are many more skills that you can learn when it comes to news videography, but most of it can only be learn once you are practicing on the field.

Photojournalism: how to take photos for a news story

If you want to try to break into photojournalism then you have a lot to learn. It takes more than just having a natural eye for the right picture of course. You also need to have patience and the willingness to work on your photos. To help you out here are some of the best tips that you can use when you want to try your hand at photojournalism.

Rule of Thirds

This is a basic concept and if you know something about photography this should be part of it already. You can also use this concept when it comes to photojournalism. It can make your subject more visually interesting, but sticking to it all the time can be boring, so you have to know the right moments when you should break this rule.

Blurring the Figures

When you want to capture an event where movement and action is important then you might want to think about using blurred images. The blurred images can convey action and tension like nothing else. This is ideal for sports events, but the problem is that it is not easy to do it. It can be a difficult trick to try.

Natural Lighting

Try to avoid using the flash light on your camera. Try to find other sources of light. That can convey the mood and the feeling that is really on the scene. Flash lighting can give a scene an unnatural feel to it. There are times though when flash lighting can be useful. It can also be used when the natural light is too harsh. It can take out the very dark shadows that would on such a setting.

Pictures Should Tell the Truth

Pictures can be used for telling the truth of what actually happened, but it can also be used for telling lies. So you have to be careful that the photos you will be taking will actually convey what really happened. You can take a picture of a dozen protesting people for example and make it look like it was a mob of thousands.

All the Elements

As a photojournalist you should focus on all of the elements of the event. When you are covering a burning building for example you might keep on taking pictures of the building, but if you are a veteran photographer you know that there can be stories in taking pictures of the fire fighters and the people who own the building as well. You can hire photograhers here.

Top 5 most talked about news stories for May 2013

May 2013 did not pass without any significant events.  Here are some of the most talked about events of that month:

Additional Arrests for Boston Marathon Bombing

The Bombing of the Boston Marathon, which took place in April 15, 2013 is certainly one of the biggest newsmakers for 2013. The bombing itself and the dramatic manhunt for the two brothers who were the two primary suspects for the bombing created headlines all over the world. At the start of May 2013 three additional arrests were made. All three were friends of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who was a primary suspect in the bombing together with his brother.

Same-Sex Marriage

Three states mainly Minnesota, Rhode Island and Delaware decided to legalize same sex marriage. The three states passed laws which allowed couples of the same sex to marry. The governors in the said states signed the legislations as they passed. The affectivity of the laws would be in the coming months.

Israel Launches Airstrikes Against Syria

Israel launches airstrikes against Syria in May. The attack is not meant to draw the Jewish state into being involved in a conflict against Syria, but was meant to prevent Hezbollah from getting access to weapons. Hezbollah has been drawing weapons inside of Syria and the airstrikes were supposed to target the warehouses that stored the weapons.

Soldier Murdered in London

Two men attacked a soldier in London. The men ran over the soldier and afterwards attacked him with a knife and a meat cleaver. The soldier died from multiple wounds caused by the knives. The police shot the suspects and arrested them afterwards. The killing which is believed to be perpetrated by Islamic militants has raised racial tensions in England. It has seen right wing militants mobilizing against immigrants.

Oklahoma Flattened by Tornado

A powerful tornado flattened the city of Oklahoma. The tornado which is in the category 4 stretched for over a mile. It devastated a great part of the city and has left buildings in shambles. The most distressing damage that it has caused is the way that it flattened a school where students were caught.

These are just some of the news stories that rocked the world in May 2013. There are other events that made the headlines back then, but these were the biggest newsmakers. The effects of some of these events could still be felt today and are still making ripples.

Newspapers with RSS feeds

RSS of rich site summary is a way of delivery for web content that is updated or changed on a regular basis. This kind of content updating is very useful for sites that need to publish constantly. Blogs, news sites and other online publications can use it for keeping readers interested. These sites can syndicate their content so that anyone who is interested can gain access to it right away and become updated.


Benefits of RSS Feeds

So what are the benefits of using an RSS Feed? If you regularly use the internet and you normally visit many websites then this is a great solution for you. Instead of going to each website one by one, the RSS feed will just keep you updated on the latest website content to the sites that you have subscribed to. This is better than signing up for the email newsletter because your privacy is not going to be compromised.

How to Read RSS Feeds

What are the things that you would need in order to read RSS feeds? In order for you to grab an RSS feed from the sites that you want to subscribe to and read the latest that’s being posted there, you need an RSS feed reader. You can also get a News Aggregator.  There are many news readers that are now available. Just make sure that you pick the right reader that would match your needs.

Newspapers with RSS Feeds

As we have mentioned, sites that update their information on a regular basis are the ones which can use RSS feeds the most. That means websites for publications such as newspapers and magazines can use RSS feeds in order to become closer with their readers or those who visit their site frequently.

With an RSS feed a newspaper would be able to deliver the news on real time to their readers. There would be no delay between the writing of the news and the actual time that users get to read it. Some of the leading newspapers in the world are using RSS Feeds now. The New York Times for example has it.  Other leading newspapers from different parts of the world also have it.  You can also get the RSS feed of news agencies like Reuters or broadcast companies such BBC.

You can get the latest news from the leading newspapers around the world when you want it and as the events are happening.