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Best websites for news stories

The internet is the best way for getting news today. It has replaced traditional media for several reasons. First of all, the internet is probably the fastest way that we can get information. We can get news from the internet in real time. There is no delay to it. So if you would like to get the latest happenings online, then here are some of the best news website that you ought to try.


This would be an obvious choice for this list. The website of CNN is frequently updated with the latest happenings from around the world and it has the backing of the numerous reporters that the network has all over the globe. You can also search the archives of the site for past news stories.

CBS News

CBS is one of the major networks in the United States and its website is a major source for news and events.  Because it has the backing of a large network, you can be sure that it has all the major news events all over the world. The site also an email service, so you can get the latest news delievered through your email.



Reuters is a new service with a very long history. Its website is an excellent source for news of any nature on any part of the world. If what you want is straight news reporting then this is an excellent website for you to keep yourself updated.

BBC News Online

The British Broadcasting Corporation has a long and illustrious history of bringing the best not just in news reporting but in broadcasting in general. It carries that same mark when it comes to its online news service. Its website is constantly updated with the latest news from around the world.

The Huffington Post

This site collects news items from several sources and also publishes opinion articles. It covers all of the current events as well as the trending topics online. It has grown in influence in the past few years and now features several influential thinkers and writers. It has even won a Pulitzer Prize.

The Associated Press

The Associated Press is a news agency that has thousands of freelance correspondents from all over the world. Newspapers everywhere pay to get its stories published on their pages. It is a good choice for you to keep yourself updated with what’s happening in different parts of the world.


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