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News videographer tips

News videography is a combination of technique and innate talent. Sometimes you might have to interview people or “talking heads”, but for the most part you would have to shoot on the go. That means you will be shooting events as they are taking place. Here are some tips for news videography from Oneflare that might help you out:

Go Steady

As much as possible keep the camera steady. There are times when moving and shaky shots would be okay but if all your shots are like that then it could be a problem. Use a tripod if you have to and if your hands are shaking all the time then you might have to someone else to hold the camera.

Multiple Angles

If you are covering an event and you have the opportunity to do so, you should try to get shots of different angles. You should take a shot on top of a building, down on the street level and shots of close-ups of the faces of the people. That would give you plenty of options when you are starting to edit the video.

Interview and the Background

When you are interviewing someone, make sure that you notice what you have on the background. Is there something there that you don’t want appearing in the video? The best type of background is something that would support the story that you have. If it has some relevance to your story then that is the best.

Good Lighting

The rules for lighting in videography are the same in photography. You have to make sure that your subject is always well-lit but not over lit. Do not put a person that you are interviewing with their back to the sun for example or place them under a shady tree while sun is glaring all around you. That would not look good.

Learn How to Anticipate if There is Action

Some people might consider this to be a talent, but you should learn how to anticipate if there is any action that might come up. You should know when something will come up and you should learn how to ready yourself how to take shots of that happening. When you learn how to do that then you can be a good news videographer.

There are many more skills that you can learn when it comes to news videography, but most of it can only be learn once you are practicing on the field.

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