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Photojournalism: how to take photos for a news story

If you want to try to break into photojournalism then you have a lot to learn. It takes more than just having a natural eye for the right picture of course. You also need to have patience and the willingness to work on your photos. To help you out here are some of the best tips that you can use when you want to try your hand at photojournalism.

Rule of Thirds

This is a basic concept and if you know something about photography this should be part of it already. You can also use this concept when it comes to photojournalism. It can make your subject more visually interesting, but sticking to it all the time can be boring, so you have to know the right moments when you should break this rule.

Blurring the Figures

When you want to capture an event where movement and action is important then you might want to think about using blurred images. The blurred images can convey action and tension like nothing else. This is ideal for sports events, but the problem is that it is not easy to do it. It can be a difficult trick to try.

Natural Lighting

Try to avoid using the flash light on your camera. Try to find other sources of light. That can convey the mood and the feeling that is really on the scene. Flash lighting can give a scene an unnatural feel to it. There are times though when flash lighting can be useful. It can also be used when the natural light is too harsh. It can take out the very dark shadows that would on such a setting.

Pictures Should Tell the Truth

Pictures can be used for telling the truth of what actually happened, but it can also be used for telling lies. So you have to be careful that the photos you will be taking will actually convey what really happened. You can take a picture of a dozen protesting people for example and make it look like it was a mob of thousands.

All the Elements

As a photojournalist you should focus on all of the elements of the event. When you are covering a burning building for example you might keep on taking pictures of the building, but if you are a veteran photographer you know that there can be stories in taking pictures of the fire fighters and the people who own the building as well. You can hire photograhers here.

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